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Note: I accept money orders, cashiers checks, and Paypal.  
I do not accept personal checks.
Combined shipping for fabric quantities:

1/2 to 1 yard of fabric will ship for $3.00,
 2 yards of fabric will ship for $4.00,       
3 to 8 yards of fabric will ship for $5.00,       

9 to 16 yards of fabric will ship for $12.00,
17 to 25 yards of fabric will ship Free


Combined shipping for flannel quantities:

1/2 to 1 yard of flannel will ship for$3.50,

2 yards of flannel will ship for     $4.50,       

3 yards of flannel will ship for $5.50,       

4 yards of flannel will ship for


5 yards of flannel will ship for:


6  yards of flannel will ship for:


7 yards of flannel will ship for $12.50

8 to 20 yards of flannel will ship for $20.00



Combined shipping by price total for all items other than fabrics :

0-$12.99 = $7.50

$13.00-$49.99 = $10.50

$50.00 -$79.99 = $13.50

$80.00 -$99.99 = $15.00

$100.00 -$300.00 = $18.00

$301.00 -and up = Free Shipping


 Return policy:

I do accept returns within 14 days of you receiving the item or items, if you notify me first, and use delivery confirmation so I can watch for the package.

Buyer pays return postage.

The item must be in the condition in which it was sent to you, with no odors, wear, or damage.

Blankets will not be accepted for return if they were washed, which usually leaves perfume odors.

Any returned blankets will be donated to the Red Cross or Fire rescue department.







                        Baby Fleece Blanket sale starts 2-10-15 

                      $2.00 off most of my 80 handmade blankets - and always Free  Shipping

I usually have more of each if you have twins or triplets!  

        See pictures below


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 so you can return as desired.

Please note: I am not affiliated in any way with the companies which make the products I sell. specializes in new handmade fleece blankets and flannel blankets for adults, children, and babies.

Think of us when you need a pretty, handmade blanket for yourself or a gift. also sells quality fleece, fabric, and flannel

by the yard for adults and children.

Sew a quilt with our quality cotton fabrics.

We enjoy collecting fabrics from years ago which will not be reprinted.

No seconds or defective goods will be sold.

The sky is the limit with all the pretty things you can make.


Please view my toy, game, puzzle, and collectible listings in the left sidebar.


Please note:   Always free shipping on any amount or combination of:

Handmade Flannel Baby Blankets,    

 Handmade Fleece Baby Blankets,

Baby Quilted Fabric Panel Blankets,

Baby Soft Book Panels, 

Handmade Fleece scarves,

Sewing Patterns, Latch Hook Kits,

Puzzles, Fabric pillow panels, and

Christmas Stockings to sew

Thanks for visiting. Mary.



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