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Please note: I am not affiliated in any way with the companies which make the products I sell. specializes in new handmade fleece blankets and flannel blankets for adults, children, and babies. also sells quality fleece, fabric, and flannel by the yard for adults and children.

Sew a quilt with our quality cotton fabrics.

We enjoy collecting fabrics from years ago which will not be reprinted.

No seconds or defective goods will be sold.

The sky is the limit with all the pretty things you can make.


I sell handmade flannel and fleece baby blankets.   

I usually have more of each if you have twins or triplets!  

Also for sale:

Baby Quilted Fabric Panel Blankets,

Baby Soft Book Panels, 

Handmade Fleece scarves,

Sewing Patterns, Latch Hook Kits,

Fabric pillow panels, and

Christmas Stockings to sew


Thanks for visiting, and have a great day. Mary.